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Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?

Nov 28, 17 at 12:21am

I play on Gilgamesh. It became unlocked, so if anyone wants to transfer to my server then I'll be around. I'm not transferring, though.


I started playing. I didn't get very far but I'd definitely want to delve further if I could partner up with some people.
I'm a noob to the MMO genre so socialising with strangers is hard for me. :D
I'm on loiusoix I believe.

wanderer commented on Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?
May 06, 18 at 6:27pm

Me! I play on Mateus!!

May 14, 18 at 4:40pm

How difficult is it to come in as a new player? Or is it $$$ or lag behind for 100 hours? I've never played a subscription mmo before but have a huge love for FF

May 15, 18 at 9:59pm

@koyote2033 For better or for worse, gameplay can range from terribly easy to dreadfully hard depending on what content you do. Easy for new people to get in because progression is very weird and you'll catch up if you power through the main story quest.

There are many good aspects to this game, but the real problems of this game are that the 1-50 questline is some of the most boring stuff ever. Some people may think otherwise but it is still the lowest point in the game and you have to trudge through it to get to better parts. It's also massively long to complete said 1-50 quests to get into the expansion. Server ticks are very slow and you will see that even with a fast response from the user end, the server may be slow to process it. Pvp balance is almost non existant and neutered to be simple and a slew of other problems.

If you don't believe me or want to play anyway, go download the free trial and experience ff14 for yourself and you be the judge

May 20, 18 at 7:03pm

I play on the Famfrit Server

May 22, 18 at 1:24am

Oh I didnt realize there was a free trial. Always heard pay for play. Sounds pretty fun to say the least

May 22, 18 at 9:25pm

I play on Midgardsomur.




I'm on Hyperion (yes I'm another generic lizard grill player. :u)

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