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Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?

Jul 19, 17 at 4:04pm

My first one was in balmung... Cause rp, then midgardsorm, then all my friends decided to roll on cactuar from scratch, its been fun


I've actually been server hopping/FC hopping a lot till I found the right server and FC.
The FC that I'm in are like family to me. Also I'm getting married to my friend this weekend ingame.

Ryushika The Trap commented on Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?
Ryushika The Trap
Jul 20, 17 at 9:45am

Anyone know how many hours theyve played?

Ive kinda burned myself out a lot. I have 3700 hours

Jul 20, 17 at 8:42pm

@Loli-BuddleCutt I admire your dedication!!! I'm pretty sure I only have like 200 hours. I can't enjoy MMOs as much anymore T_T

ireapathighnoon commented on Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?
Jul 20, 17 at 11:20pm

Coeurl server here. Played all the way through Heavensward and now i cant afford stormblood... so i dont really play anymore. I have classes.

Jul 21, 17 at 11:05pm

3700 wow, im pretty sure in between all the toons i played must be around that area

Ryushika The Trap commented on Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?
Ryushika The Trap
Jul 22, 17 at 1:59am

Well im on disability income. It gives me a lot of time. Most of my life is trying to avoid my thoughts.
But i have around 1100 or so hours played on killing floor 1.

Also as a side note. 3700 is an estimate. I used an app to track it. Also. 3700 isnt much. If there are any final fantasy 11 fans here.. They may understand just how little 3700 is. I personally know someone with 22000 hours played on 11. Theres even a japanese anime voice actress who has around 11000 hours played.

Final fantasy 11 players are terrifyingly addicted. My friend who has 22k hours has never unsubscribed once or failed to pay once since the game released in 2002. 15 years of subscription exactly.

(Well idk if its 15. He played on ps2 and didnt have a pc. So i dont know if he made the transition to pc from ps2 and 360. Havent talked to him in a while)

Jul 24, 17 at 11:23am

o/ Phoenix server here! Only been playing a couple months though... and I still need to buy Stormblood. Fuza for life!

Jul 27, 17 at 3:15am

Wow FF11 was my fav game back them



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