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Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?


I dunno, as someone who plays every role in FF14...Personally there's three big reasons why I would complain about a DPS as a healer:

1. You're bursting too much and peeling mobs off of the tank causing yourself to take unnecessary damage
2. You're being hit too much by mechanics and/or AoEs, again causing a lot of unnecessary damage for the healer to deal with
3. You're not performing mechanics for your role (this depends heavily on the content though)

And no, as a healer I don't want to just focus on the tank because it's going to drop overall DPS if one or more of the damage dealers dies. Every role in a party is a large part of the general success of the party. Though I'm generally patient with people and will tell them about specific mechanics to watch out for in dungeons and raids. I will admit that a lot of people aren't patient though and will play the blame game first before being sensible and just letting people know what they're doing wrong and why it annoys other roles in the party.


So nice to see more fans - love Excalibur have been there since release


Perhaps I may not be performing my mechanics well enough, but I am not sure how. I generally won't get hit too much, plus I keep potions handy for if I do and as a black mage I can use manaward to keep myself from getting hurt from some attacks, so I go in prepared for that kind of stuff... But again I'm not that sure. I really bad at tanking, even worse at healing, so dps is relatively the only thing I can somewhat do. I understand it is important to keep it all alive so the whole team still has full dps output, I just would notice that while the tank is dying I am healed instead when I am near full health, that is what really confuses me.
Again I could just not know what I am doing, but I am just really confused why the healers complain. I do want to know what I am doing wrong.


Yeah, generally as a DPS you don't want to get hit at all unless it's just unavoidable party-wide damage and honestly since you're playing black mage it's a bit hard to do that at times since they're essentially turrets where their maximum damage output comes from being stationary

Dec 06, 18 at 1:00am

Oh geez, I can't help but have my doubts about what you're saying. First off, why are you getting hit as a caster DPS? Sure, you have Manaward but if you can avoid orange AoEs, please do. Tanks have cooldowns to mitigate damage so they can take some pain, meanwhile a Black Mage has really just that limited resource instead which is best used for unavoidable damage.
Second, it's not "playing like a pro", it's being good at what you're doing. Putting in thought and being receptive enough to improve upon errors. I'd argue that any game's better enjoyed (aka fun) when you play to win, instead of just mindless fooling around (which can be nice too but time and place for everything).

BLM is less strict on rotations from what I played but you'll still have to follow some rules if you want play any game. Eager to yolo in single-player games? Sure, go for it but when your presence is vital to a party's performance, please mind what you're doing.

Your problem with playing with others is you think others are being mean for the fuck of it and you're in the right, by whatever weird parameters you've set up. Granted people can be toxic even for minute reasons, hell they can even be wrong. But when you've noticed a pattern including yourself and other random people acting the same, the only constant has really been you. So maybe look into that a bit.

Lecture's over.


I play on Leviathan


I play on Leviathan


I play on Faerie, but I'm on a break atm

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