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What is the very first video game you ever played?

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My dad had one of those really old yellowish PCs that look like arse but are still kinda charming today but one day when I was roughly four, he sat me down in front of it, watching it boot up with that classic Windows 95 start up and he fired up a game for me to play. The screen goes black for a few seconds and then the first thing I see as soon as it comes back on was this;

I was utterly amazed at how it looked and then the attract mode kicks in and the gameplay demos start, all the guns, demons, green vats of slime and the relentless action just blew me away. When I started playing, I was in total glee at how something this amazing could exist in the world. It was like being thrusted into a brand new world beyond my own, one where I'm a total badass as I slaughter Hell's minions with the excellent array of iconic weapons like the shotgun, chaingun, chainsaw and rocket launcher and things got even more badass when I discovered the epic plasma gun and the Big Fucking Gun 9000. Of course I got my arse handed to me time and time again but man, the first time I beat the Barons of Hell in Phobos Anomaly at the end of Knee-Deep in the Dead after dying to them repeatedly was one of the best feelings I've ever felt in my life and perhaps the moment that cemented me as a gamer for life.

Yeah the Doom games really mean that much to me, Doom 2 is my favourite game of all time and I still play them very regularly to this day thanks to its phenomenal, dedicated modding community.

Mar 07, 17 at 5:14am

Crash Bandicoot!


Probably pong, or like space invaders


The Legend Of Dragoon PS1


Might Morphin Power Rangers on the Super Nintendo


I played Sonic 2, Ecco The Dolphin, and Alex Kidd.


I used to play Frogger when i was, like, 5?
It was my first video game, i think.


It this like a lion jumping through these fire rings. or two fat guys doin judo but it's one of them for sure.


Halo and republic commandos


The original Starcraft was my first game.

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