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What is the very first video game you ever played?

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Since I was born in Israel there is this crappy/addicting brand of crisps called Bamba. It is like wotsits but peanut butter flavour. There was some super old ass game i played back when I lived there. After around 2 weeks of regular searching me and my brother found a link to the download but can't seem to run it, not even in compatability mode.


sonic on sega


My first game was "Snake Rattle&Roll" for the NES^^

Feb 27, 17 at 6:43am

Either "Ecco the Dolphin" or "Michael Jackson's Moonwalker" both of which were for the Sega Genesis. I dunno which, I may have played/watched games before then but this is as far as my gaming memory goes.


super mario 3 for NES.


Super Mario 64. Still one of my very favorites.


I think it was either Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario World or Link to the Past


Super Smash Bros at a friend's place. First I owned was the Bionicle game for GBA. My family wouldnt let me play video games till I was like 11.


I actually can't remember. I had a gameboy with mario, wario and pokémon (and more, but can't remember) and a sega with Wonder Boy III, Sonic, an asterix and obelix game and wimbeldon (tennis game).

That's all I know and remember guys.


Dragon ball z cell saga

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