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What's your favorite PS2 RPG?

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Jul 02, 17 at 9:20pm

Final Fantasy X. Even though it makes me cringe at parts I love it!!!

AnimeJunkie commented on What's your favorite PS2 RPG?
Jul 03, 17 at 11:11am

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 & 2. Me and my brother played the crap out of those games. (The first one had a better story but the second had better perks).

Vamxlight commented on What's your favorite PS2 RPG?
Jul 05, 17 at 11:41pm

Playing through Rogue Galaxy and it's easily one of my favorites right now!

Jul 10, 17 at 12:08am

Silent Hill 2, I was addicted to that game for a good while.


I don't know if they really class as RPGs but I would say Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 and Legacy of Kain: Defiance. They were SO fucking good and I still love the first game a ton to this day as well despite playing it on Dreamcast and PC. Would have to go back to them and see how well they've aged.

Jul 25, 17 at 10:58pm

Lol, Dokapon Kingdom anyone? Jk, I'd have to put it between KH2, Tales of the Abyss, and Persona 4. Can't really pick which I like more tho

Jul 25, 17 at 11:38pm

ugh, impossible to pick just one.

Dark Cloud was a lot of fun, 1 and 2. The concept of saving and building towns was just really cool I thought.

Final Fantasy 10 is just a given, awesome story, beautiful cutscenes.

Since they ported Grandia 2 to PS2 (I technically played it on Dreamcast), that also makes my list. I would say I overall enjoyed the story of FF10 more than this one, but the combat system was a LOT more enjoyable in my opinion.

I did also enjoy the first 4 .hack games they released on the PS2. I love how they put art on the sides of the cases, so that once you finished getting them all it completed the picture. Subtle but cool touch in my opinion, from a collecting standpoint. :p

I did enjoy Kingdom Hearts, but I honestly never played any past the first one. I think it's just due to the fact that I've never been super into Disney, just select titles here and there.

Aug 01, 17 at 4:38am

Either the .hack series or Dark Cloud 2. Drakengard as well for the story (Not so much the gameplay)

cactuarjoe commented on What's your favorite PS2 RPG?
Sep 18, 17 at 11:22am

I'm still working on getting them all so I can try them out. I've got a good number but still haven't completed even half of them. My favorite that I own and have played is probably Okage: Shadow King. It's such a weird and funny RPG, it really reminds me of the humor and tone of the Mario RPGs, especially the Paper Marios.

Sep 18, 17 at 6:05pm

It's hard to pick just one, but it's absolutely between Final Fantasy X, Persona 4, and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. My love for Persona 4 has died just slightly ever since Persona 5 came out, but I intend on replaying it again just to see if that's some sort of honeymoon feeling with P5. Final Fantasy X is fairly obvious. I'm in love with Tidus' awkward behavior, as well as how genuine they were able to portray his emotions. But part of me wants to edge towards Star Ocean 3. I feel it doesn't get nearly enough love as it should, and to be honest I don't really enjoy the rest of the series, which makes me want to single it out even more.

Star Ocean 3 has almost everything I want in a game. It suffers in a view obvious ways, the most notable being the voice acting, which all you have to do is hear Farleen speak and you will understand. It explores a whole different kind of story than I had ever seen in anything else, with it centering on a fairly gifted teenager in the far distant future, and how he has to deal with being stranded on a planet with underdeveloped civilization. He's constantly dealing with new and stressful situations, as he balances what he believes is morally correct alongside with what he finds important personally (such as self preservation). The story takes quite a few twists, along with one EXTREMELY notable twist, but what I love through all of that is that it never lets you forget that this boy doesn't belong on this planet.

In so many other games I've played or anime I've watched, as soon as someone is thrown into a different world, they immediately get used to it, and their previous life is forgotten. It's one of the greatest storytelling sins in my own opinion. This is something SO3 avoids beautifully, to the point where you can understand exactly how the main character feels about the overall situation that he's in at any given time in the story. Many of the other characters are also quite interesting (some of them bland). My favorite overall character likely being Albel Nox (just think "edgy emo swordsman" and you probably got a good picture of him in your head).

The soundtrack is also really crazy. It has a wide variety of music, but focuses mostly sounds like an electronic symphony (with some elevator music too). It might be jarring for some, to run through a forest with ruins, listening to some crazy rock and techno, but that personally didn't bother me.

It can also take upwards of 100 hours to "beat". The main story takes about half that time, and the rest is after. I personally love extensive games, and SO3 is very extensive indeed. The various other components of the combat system are all extensive, some of them flawed, but all of them providing the player additional freedom.

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