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The best Video Game Music/OST

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Jun 08, 17 at 8:23pm

to add on to my list,

knights in the nightmare

summon night: twin age

All the Phoenix Wright games

Legend of Heroes Trails in the sky

Jun 08, 17 at 11:30pm

I love the KH2/BBS soundtracks they are all so beautiful ;-;

chibihentaichan commented on The best Video Game Music/OST
Jun 11, 17 at 7:42pm

As of recently I cannot stop listening to NieR: Automata's soundtrack.
I adore it so much <3

Jun 13, 17 at 12:30am

The opening song from Persona 5 (Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There), it's stuck in my head as deep as the opening song for BlazBlue Calamity Trigger (Ao-iconoclast). XD

Jun 13, 17 at 1:27am

Grey Goo had a pretty neat OST

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