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The best Video Game Music/OST

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May 13, 16 at 3:16pm

What is the best track you've ever heard in a game? Or better yet, what game has the best OST you've ever heard?

I'm curious y'all :3

May 13, 16 at 3:21pm

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Gamecube.

May 13, 16 at 4:01pm

Too many to name... Transistor, Life is Strange, .Hack series, FF, all of them have great music

I'll give it to the small game though for the feel train
To The Moon

May 13, 16 at 4:04pm

@azumakazuma yeeahhh buddy, Crystal Chronicles had a ballin' score!
@awkwardly_me DAMN YOU AND YOUR FEELS ;________;

May 13, 16 at 6:31pm

Yesss suffer the feels with me

Ringo_Blue commented on The best Video Game Music/OST
May 13, 16 at 9:20pm

Lunar Silver Star for the classic.

Life Is Strange for the contemporary. :)


From the Pokken Tourney, Magikarp Festival Stage

May 13, 16 at 11:07pm

@azumakazuma: FFCC rocks <3

One of my favorite tracks is Terra's Theme from FF6

May 14, 16 at 7:20pm

In some of the more recent OSTs I've been listening to is Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed's Soundtrack, it's great!

Ocean View is the first level of the game and gives you an idea of what you're getting into: not only does your car transform, but so does the soundtrack!

May 14, 16 at 8:22pm

Bare knuckle(Streets of Rage)

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