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What game are you currently playing?

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nirnova04 commented on What game are you currently playing?
Dec 22, 15 at 12:35pm

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past was my favorite game growing up. Recently I bought a fan made/repro cart of a game called Legend of Zelda Parallel Worlds for the SNES. its actually pretty good!


Back at it in Diablo 3 on PS4. Gonna get the Platinum trophy. Cause I can.


@Half Baked Hikki - Nah not yet, playing the game fully vanilla to begin with. I absolutely will download plenty of mods on my next run though! Going for a psionics focused build next time.


Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon~! So Kawaii~! ^_^

Dec 26, 15 at 8:58pm

I am bouncing between a few games right now. Tales of Zesteria, Destiny, Trails of Cold Steel, and fallout 4 for the most part.

Dec 26, 15 at 10:13pm

Blade & Soul (I bought a founders to get into the Beta so that's why I can play it right now), Warframe, League of Legends, and a few random steam games here and there.


Tales of Zestiria, almost done then I can get to my new xmas games n.n

Dec 27, 15 at 4:16pm

Sadly too many.

Dec 27, 15 at 8:08pm

Been playing Warframe for about 2 years, just started playing Dungeon Fighter again as well.

Little Pocket Monster commented on What game are you currently playing?
Little Pocket Monster
Dec 27, 15 at 8:29pm

Pokemon Emerald and Super Mario Galaxy

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