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What game are you currently playing?

Jan 23, 23 at 12:36am
It's been pretty good. A lot of new players (I am a returning one) showed up. I just started playing Late November last year. The daily stuff is interesting enough.
Nice I started back around a week after the Nuka world update
Finished Murdered Soul Suspect and it reminded me how much I loved LA Noire and hated Heavy Rain. Plus it had a supernatural and ghost element to it and although it looked NOTHING like it, it was based in Salem, MA. Now I'm starting Thief and here's hoping I can get through it just as quickly.
Just finished playthrough one of the new dead space last night I really enjoyed it currently catching up on some events in genshin before trying new game plus in dead space
The Life game. It sucks. But on a serious note, I am currently playing Age of Empires 2 DE. Wouldn't imagine in years that I would find the RTS exciting.
I haven't played a age of empires game in ages or any rts game for that matter but I got a few on steam I should probably play some time
Playing Hi-Fi Rush Such a great game I highly recommend this to EVERYONE
I'm also playing Hi Fi Rush! Playing it on PC since it's free on Game Pass, which was perfect since I was thiiiiis close to buying it. I think the promo art makes the game look generic, and it's what made me look right past it when I first heard about it. But playing it is completely different. Aside from the great, colorful graphics, the thing that really surprised me is how superb the animations are. https://media.tenor.com/y0UpfEcEjIwAAAAM/808-808hifi-rush.gif https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/002/523/007/a3b.gif The MC is incredibly likeable, and for some reason he gives me Aladdin vibes from the OG animated Disney film, even the way he talks and his voice. This is literally what the anime FLCL would be as a video game!
I am playing persona 5 ATM love just as much as p4. I also do fighting games and mmorpgs/RPGs.
^ Have you tried P3 FES by chance? It's my favorite entry in the franchise.
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