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Share the last Japanese song you listened to!


Some out there are regular listeners as to what goes about Japanese music, while others might be newbies.. Even so, the reasoning behind this thread is for everybody to share the J-songs they're listening to..

Please share link to the song with name if possible.. If you're not listening on youtube or dailymotion, A name alone is fine to. Artist name and name onegaishimasu ^.^

The last song I listened to: Ame ni Negai wo - Mana Ashida

Kawaii <3
Go ahead and share ^^


My Dearest - Supercell FT (Koeda)


This song I recently found and I love it.

It's by East New Sound, not sure of the name.


Ummmmm, Jitter Doll - Namine Ritsu


seasons call-hyde the opening theme from blood+ its amazing.

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