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What's the reason you're single?

If you feel comfortable sharing please post away. I find myself getting attention from all the places I don't want it from - and the people's attention I seek don't take notice - or blatantly ignore me lol. So for now I'm not looking -
I don't think I'm mentally sound enough to be in a relationship. Nor do I really want one, to be honest.
Being dense mostly. I like to think I'm a decent looking guy, well kept, clean shaven most of the time and decently dressed and washed. But I have a bad habit of not knowing when to pick up on signals. I've had girls that are my friends tell me "that girl was flirting with you/hitting on you" and I'm not real swift on picking it up. I suppose it's because I'm a friendly guy who tries to get along with most anyone. So when a girl acts that way towards me I usually take it for them just being polite or friendly. For example: This girl I talk to at work (shes nice and decently attractive to) Will walk by when I have my ball cap on (sitting in my cubicle) and knock it off. Or poke me in the side as she goes by making funny faces at me. Now I always took this as a sign of friendship but another girl sitting near me said "that girl likes you, you know that right?". Well I figured she liked me as a friend easily enough, but beyond that I didn't think anything more. Maybe that's how she is with other guys since I'm not around her all the time. So if those are signs and I'm missing them then it's probably been happening to me a lot my whole life.
Social awkwardness and abandonment issues
This ones easy. Im not particularly attractive and I feel way too old for the majority of girls who I like and share enough in common with to be in a relationship with.
I've been single a year and 4 months now. I'd rather be single and wait for the right person to come around than say yes to just anyone who asks me out and end up being miserable and hurt all over again.
Dec 17, 12 at 10:53am
Pretty much in the same boat with Simon! XD
^ You think people live far from you...
Never really tried always expected the girls to take the lead... ya... to shy and low self esteem does not help either.
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