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Tips for New Users

When you are scrolling through the forums, reading posts, you will see more icon options on each post. https://media1.tenor.com/images/eae4b3410ad6b50b03f8c5150fa07905/tenor.gif When pushed, the heart icon signifies a like. It also gives the poster a heart. Your hearts appear in the side menu. You can use hearts to award trophies to other users for specific posts. That's what the trophy icon is that appears under some thread titles. The arrow allows you to repost that person's comment to your wall and you can even add a comment that will appear outside of the original post. It works like a retweet in that regard, however, it DOES NOT NOTIFY the original poster. Typing where it says "What's up?" does the same. The X with the circle allows you to report the post to mods and admin. Please consult the site rules if you think something should be reported. https://maiotaku.com/terms-and-conditions
https://media1.tenor.com/images/1e7052ca94214448a4077d7330f45005/tenor.gif If you want to interact with the thread, find the last post on the last page of the thread. There you will see your profile picture in a box where there are buttons that say "Add Picture or Video" or "Post". You can also hit "Reply" (light gray box). You cannot share animated gifs by the Add Picture function. You must use links from outside sites for them to work. I have found that Tenor is most reliable in that regard. https://media.tenor.com/qzqTONrslEQAAAAd/rammstein.gif (Heyoo I made this gif on Tenor from a video I recorded at a Rammstein concert in September 2022. *humble brag*) https:// media.tenor.com/qzqTONrslEQAAAAd/rammstein.gif I separated the https:// to explain-- If a ? appears in the link and anything follows, you can delete back to the .gif ending and it will post. Posting everything else after the ? will appear under your picture.
You can edit your comment after your post if you made typos or errors. (Thank God. Autocorrect is my arch-nemisis and bane of my existence.) It's the drop down arrow in the upper right of your post. You can also completely remove/delete the post, give awards(trophies), or report to admin (yes even on your own post).
You can post on users' walls but they will not get notified. You might want to tag them so they see your post. It used to notify users but it hasn't worked in quite sometime.
Or... you can ignore all that shit, and goof around until something happens. Jot down what you discovered and bam, you're set!
Jan 12, 23 at 1:45am
If you're curious about who liked a post, you can click/tap the number right by the heart on a post.
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