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Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 5

Feb 19, 23 at 8:46pm
it works, thanks!
https://www.maiotaku.com/p/sagegenderbent Can a mod or an admin please ban this guy? He's been nothing but a troll negatively attacking and saying horrible things about other users on here and is really not contributing anything positive to the site or community.
Mar 10, 23 at 9:34pm
I think the biggest annoyance on this site right now is the bots who come in and make garbage threads every day. Is there anything more we can do to filter out this trash? I dunno if we already have CAPTCHA when creating an account but I'd like to suggest some of these that Chat GPT laid out: There are several methods that site administrators can use to prevent bots from creating accounts and spamming threads: CAPTCHA: One of the most effective methods is to use a CAPTCHA system during the account creation process. CAPTCHA is a system that generates a test that humans can easily pass, but is difficult for bots to solve. This will prevent automated account creation by bots. Email Verification: Another effective method is to require email verification during the account creation process. This will require users to confirm their email address by clicking on a verification link that is sent to their email. This will help to ensure that the accounts being created are legitimate. IP Blocking: Site administrators can also block IP addresses that are associated with spam activity. This will prevent bots from creating multiple accounts using the same IP address. Rate Limiting: Site administrators can also implement rate limiting to prevent bots from creating too many accounts or posting too frequently. This will limit the number of requests that can be made from a single IP address within a specific period of time. By using a combination of these methods, site administrators can significantly reduce the likelihood of bots creating accounts and posting spam in threads.
Wow no one has ever thought of those, oh wait we have all of them
Too bad they don't work very well.
Search function isn't working.
is it just me or is the feed not working at all? I've been seeing the same posts in my feed for a few days now
same here, feed has been the same for a few days.
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