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Please make the new interface a more happier color scheme. Dark grey is like death not love.

^not sure if that's a joke but that's seriously an oversimplification of a much more complicated problem, hip-hop and rap wasn't the sole cause of that. Originally hip hop was just party music and more of a modification of disco/funk. When songs started popping up talking about drugs, violence, sex, etc they were more of a commentary on what people are actually living through and the artist was using the medium as a way of telling the world that's just how things are instead of glorifying it. Though in the last decade or two people have definitely been glorifying it Does the overglorification of crime in rap music possibly contribute to unstable families? possibly? I grew up around that type of music and so did my siblings and that didn't change anything. I have many acquaintances who grew up in the 'hood' around all of the drug dealing and violence who also listened to that type of music but was never compelled to commit crime. I really think the "lol rap music inspires black kids to be criminals by glorifying it"-stance is just as dumb as the "violent video games cause people to become violent sociopaths themselves"-argument. Since I definitely knew kids who did indeed idolize that type of dopeman lifestyle but ultimately became the straightest arrows I've known, never got in trouble, went to college and are now just on the 9-5 workforce hamster wheel. It just goes to show you that media is just media Now I do agree that it hurts the image of black people from the perspective of non-black people though, since there's many people who's only experience with black people are through seeing them on TV, movies, etc
Not like people actually use this for dating anyway, most just weeb out. I personally however, did come to the site for dating and I'm finding a lack of potential candidates :P
I like the new layout, but the "X Person(s) heart this" font needs to change, it looks too similar to Comic Sans, and anyone who knows graphic design should know that Comic Sans is a No-no.
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