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How to get girls to reply to you?

I just started another dating site and messaged like 25 girls and only one replied (long story short it was short lived) it shows that they are online and if they look at your profile (most dont) so wtf
i messaged u and u never did back :O! and idk maybe pester them more XD iv had ppl who never reply to me but since i message like a bizzilion ppl i dont notice so much XP (edit: whoa i was 16 when i commented on this thread. time fuckin flies)
Dec 02, 12 at 9:28pm
I suppose it really comes down to your reply, your profile, pics, etc. It's more or less an unwritten rule on dating sites that if someone doesn't respond, it means they aren't interested. I'm just honest on my profile and mention some things I read in her profile in my initial response (usually things I'm similarly interested in) and just ask if they're up for chatting sometime. If I get a response, great. If not, ah well shit happens. Rejection happens on dating sites. And yes, I've been rejected or gotten no responses a lot of the time also, but I also usually don't do very many mass messaging's all at once! XD
Just like if you go to a bar, it's a numbers game with dating sites. Women who put themselves out there get a flood of messages to their inbox. You just have to hope that she reads your message, and then decides she wants to talk to you. You just have to try and talk to as many women as you can, and hope that one actually wants to talk to you. The more messages you send, the better your chances of getting a reply get.
ya i get that but sending to 25 girls who are online and dont even look at your profile is kind of ridiculous. @momo sorry! ill send you 5 a day for 10 days to make up for it.
good! redemption =.=....jk XD
Well it's the same when you try to go out and meet people. You have to get turned down numerous times before you get someone to go out with you? Let alone someone who will go you with you for any length of time.
" women on dating sites are at a buffet while men are just scrounging for scraps. " I feel that this is very far from the truth. I for one message plenty of guys(on other sites as well) and they stalk, but don't reply or reply months later... or they don't reply at all. I mean when I look at a guys profile, I look at the face to see if I am initially attracted to the face. Everyone has certain tastes and the most handsomest guy to one girl is boring looking to the next... so I am not looking for a Calvin Klein model...lol just someone you draws me in. Then I reviews their hobbies and how they express themselves on the page. I prefer less sarcasm and more warmness within a guys writing...and if they can make me laugh...bonus. Dating sites can be really frustrating too because a lot of people still view it as taboo, embarrassing or dangerous. So even if you were to hit it off with someone online, you still have to deal with their pride and hope they actually want to meet you in person lol. Some can't accept the internet as a way of connecting- go figure.
In my experience with it all I go the old fashion route and just talk about interests. I'm test the water so to speak. Mostly a connection happens on its own you can't force it. I can usually tell after a few messages if it's gonna go anywhere. If it doesn't then I move on. In terms of getting girls to reply look at it like this. When they don't reply they're not interested. Don't take it as rejection. Rejection is when a girl insults you. Most people will not do that unless you deserve. Like messaging them a million times will get that reaction. If they're not interested it's not that there is anything wrong with you. Your just not their tastes so keep moving. I would suggest reading some online dating advice. There are plenty of good articles. Follow the advice it will increase your chances.
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