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Do you have any unusual turn-offs?

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Jan 12, 18 at 3:49pm

I'm not attracted to a shallow guy. Typically when I start to like someone it's their personality that wins me over. After that I start to notice different things that I find attractive. Oh and I can't stand a guy who believes every woman should be a size Zero.... I'm not a Barbie doll that is all. ^.^ like me for me lol.


It's such a nuisance when someone labels me as immature and says that my priorities are "not right" just because I would rather share a vehicle with another adult instead of owning my own personal independent vehicle.
Auto insurance in my region of Canada is ridiculously overpriced and much higher than in most American states, and I need to afford my cosplay accessories and my figurines and DVDs and all of my geeky paraphernalia because I'm a hard-working and responsible man who deserves to reward himself for his labours and his services to society. Thank you very much.
This just really makes me tick. It is so hard for me to resist snapping back with a condescending attitude when somebody makes these judgement calls in an attempt to somehow embarrass me and/or alter my perceptions. Seriously.

Jan 14, 18 at 11:56am

Well, I think a turn off for me is when a guy doesen't know the difference between being into him or not... Most guys I've dated liked me so far, and it was not likewise.. but they still tried to date me again, and if they tell me they fall in love( you got those pathetic guys who tell me they love me before they even know me, or saw me) I want to stop all contact, even when I said before I'm not into him.. Maybe I choose the wrong guys because all they say are; You are the only girl talking to me...

But if I do, does that mean I want a relationship with them? No.. I just wanted to talk, and build a friendship perhaps. But 9 of the 10 times they want more with me. I hate it.. I always give them a chance, just to know them.. But I didn't found someone I like so far...
Am I to picky or are they to desperate?

Jan 14, 18 at 6:13pm

From experience, confessing feelings is never a good strategy. Would have been better to just make a move on her instead, which takes even more guts. But months into friendship, that might not have gone over well either. It was inconsiderate of her going ghost - she probably wanted to avoid any awkwardness but she dealt with it in a terrible way. Better luck with the next!

Unusual turn offs... Not so sure mine are so unusual.


Assholes (not in the good, comedy way)

*Derpette* Kameiya commented on Do you have any unusual turn-offs?
*Derpette* Kameiya
Jan 16, 18 at 1:20am

Jerks are major turn offs. The shallow, treat average people coldly kind of jerks. I have no interest in being attracted to that either.

Jan 20, 18 at 6:35pm

Smoking,excessive drinking, drugs, excessive swearing for no reason

Feb 02, 18 at 2:32am

When she don't like anime.


If you're allergic to cats or dogs it's a deal breaker for me.

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