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Forever Alone. Fact or Fiction? Believe it or Not?

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Fox Witch (she/her/vixen) commented on Forever Alone. Fact or Fiction? Believe it or Not?
Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Apr 21, 17 at 7:01pm
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Apr 21, 17 at 9:02pm

I don't think there's is anything intrinsically wrong with being "Forever Alone". Someone people like being alone, some people want to be. That is why there is such a thing as Celibacy. Maybe they've simply accepted that way of life. There are plenty of reasons for it. I don't think it's wrong, bad, or negative. I think the key difference is choice. Whether you choose to be alone or not.

Now in my case, I don't choose to be alone. For a number of reasons, I have yet to find someone to share romantic experiences with. Does that make me sad? Sure. Am I depressed because of it? Sometimes. That's okay though, because in the end I feel like if I continue to be myself, to do what makes me happy, and strive to accomplish the things I set out to do then I will eventually find someone for me. If not, well at least I lived my life to the fullest. So at least in that sense, I can be happy.

In that same sense, not at least trying to find someone through whatever means you find comfortable, is doing yourself a disservice. Whether that's going out to a club, bar, party, museum, library, or anime convention or using dating sites and apps. Long distance or right next door. Doesn't matter. If you're not at least trying in your own way, then I don't believe you have a right to complain. Relationships, sadly, don't just fall in your lap.



It's not that bad to be alone. It gives you perspective about your life, and who is really there for you. Only good friends will remain by your side and as well as that a partner. Nowadays is even worst because nobody wants to commit they just want to play all over, and that's not good for people who cares like most people here. I remember a period of time in which I was alone for 3 years and it was a great time! I even used to cosplay a lot by then. It's a choice to remain alone and find a better path for you. You just have you. You can't let yourself down!!!


You're my brother from another mother.

21, soon to be 22, been single, haven't had even a first kiss yet. I'm mainly forever alone by choice...for the most part.

From my own observations being a university student, it's honestly a mess. A lot of my classmates are single by choice, we're just so caught up with deadlines, exams, studies, that dating usually takes a back seat. Or you might be available but that cute girl from your lecture is a straight A+ student volunteering 40 hours a week and doing after school clubs, she ain't got no time for someone in her life right now. A lot of people like me, also don't really socialize much in class. You might have one or two close acquaintances in that class, but as soon as the semester is over we go our own ways, maybe keep in touch over facebook. On the other hand, quite a few are already coupled up and taken.

Also, i'm just doing a lot of activities for myself. My studies take up so much time, i rarely get any ME time, and i occasionally hang out with my tight circle of friends that i know from high school which takes up the remainder.

So i haven't been putting much effort on my part. But part of that is because i just haven't come across someone that shares the same values as me. Like you said, i want something deep. My friend mentioned to me once over dinner that i should still try, maybe i might find someone that would be supportive despite my hectic life, and that we could make it work. But the truth is those people are hard to come across. I would stay through thick and thin with my partner, but i don't know how many would do the same for me.

I believe it just isn't my time yet. I'm enjoying my hobbies, as much as i would like to, i don't think it would be a good time for me to have a relationship. It takes commitment to keep up. So in the meantime i'm just gonna keep doing the things that i enjoy and i'll know when i'm ready or when i come across the right person.


It's nothing to get down about. Being a virgin or not having kissed anyone is really not that big a deal but I can understand feeling self-conscious about it - I used to be that way before I started dating but even if I was still a virgin or hell even if I never kissed anyone before I would still think it's nothing to be ashamed of. We all experience the same things at different points in our life - for example I've never been abroad in my life yet most people visit seem to abroad when they're children and there's nothing wrong with it. The best thing about finding a girlfriend is that it's an issue that's very easily fixable, all you have to do is keep looking and you'll find someone you'll connect with eventually - be it a casual mess around or a serious relationship. It just takes time and patience, that's all.


I'm 28, have a few kids, few angry exes, getting sentenced for beating the snort out of an exs smart ass bf but I have a good job that understands I've kinda been forced to be alone cause too much baggage for another girl I suppose, don't got friends work to much for them and to go out for the past two years I've only had anime and video games but I came here to attempt to meet a girl thats into anime not going well but I try :D

Apr 24, 17 at 7:56pm

I've been single for seven years after having a few gf's in my 20's. I think it's just a mix of age and being slightly too picky. I'm completely undecided if I want to have children of my own and I'm not really ready to jump into a relationship with a girl who has kids so I'm usually not interested in single mothers. And like of a lot of geeky guys, when I do meet someone in the vein of being in the geekier set, 9 times outta 10 she's usually already taken.


joining the journey to wizard hood, virgin, never had a relationship, never done anything with a girl, and I dont see that changing anytime in the forseeable future... kill me.

Apr 27, 17 at 1:36am

Not intended to be rude but the forever alone term is bullshit. If you have that mentality, then you will be alone. Being alone is not necessarily bad but if you yearn for company and such, then you got to get yourself to where you want to be. It's okay to be alone but it's bad to be alone and desperate; it gets you no where. If you can't handle being alone, then you are not ready to be in company of someone. I personally had this mentality when I was younger. I grew out of it. I just faced reality.

"Don't make excuses, make improvements."

Sure, people handle things differently, I understand that. I too was miserable and fear of being alone until I decided to change a bit for myself.

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