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Sev commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Jan 26, 16 at 9:01am

Name/Age: Robert/25.

Location: Tennessee.

Hair color/Eye color: Brownish or sandy blonde depending on length/ Blue.

Hobbies: Gaming, anime, working, occaisionally working out.

Music: Several kinds of metal, hard and punk rock and occaisionally dubstep/techno.

Occupation: Currently a deli eorker but would like to do something with animals preferably dogs.

Height/Weight: 5'11/high 170's-mid 180's it flucuates.

Anime: Look at my anime list on my profile.

What am I looking for: I don't really know to be honest. If I find love then that's cool but I'm also fine with just fooling around. It's whatever. Bi.

Personal Values: Friends, animals. I guess I'm kinda of a centrist when it cipomes to politics. @_@

Horoscope/Spirit Animal: Taurus but I don't really believe in that stuff.

How'd I find this site: Just stumbled accross it online.

n a e r i commented on Gay/bi/les dating
n a e r i
Jan 27, 16 at 9:59pm

Name/age: Natalie/ 15

Hair/eyes: brown and super long/ brown but sometimes orange XD

hobbies: art, youtube, singing, dancing, instagram, video games

Music: k-pop, akb48

Occupation/study: highschool

Height/weight: 5'7"/ 105 lbs

Anime's: diabolik lovers, vampire knight, ohshc

What you are looking for: someone to talk to that is trustworthy and kind

Personal values: k-pop XD i just love k-pop so much

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: libra/ dragon

Feb 02, 16 at 7:36pm

Name/Age: Zachary/24.

Location: Ohio.

Hair color/Eye color: Brown with blonde highlights/Dark Brown.

Hobbies: Anime, gaming, schoolwork.

Music: Mostly heavy metal. I can enjoy just about anything though.

Occupation: I'm an MSW student at Ohio State University

Height/Weight: 5'10/around 145-150

Anime: Dark Action/Horror genre tends to be my favorite.

What am I looking for: I'm trying to meet new people. I consider myself bi, and I'm cool with just about anyone.

Personal Values: I'm very left-leaning. In other words, I'm a giant socialist weasel. I want to be more politically active though. I'm tolerant of others beliefs though (at least I think), and I believe good friends more important than anything.

Horoscope/Spirit Animal: Sagittarius/Gerbil

How'd I find this site: Surfing the web looking for random bullshit to get into.

Claymore commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Feb 03, 16 at 10:35am

Name/age: Audrey/25

Location: Southern California

Hair/eyes: Black

Hobbies: Drawing beasts and creatures, collecting art books, role-playing games, documentaries about the universe, exercising, alcohol.

Music: ROCK! Bands like Seether, Finger Eleven, Avenged Sevenfold. Also into over the top, epic anime themes.

Occupation/study: Half-time student at some fancy pants art school for animation. Also I'm in auto-maintenance as a day job.

Height/weight: 6" tall/160 lbs.

Anime's: Straight up violent anime but also with lots of feels. Some examples are Black Lagoon, Parasyte, Basilisk, Claymore, Samurai Champloo, and Princess Mononoke.

What you are looking for: Outgoing, talkative, effeminate types that are down to talk, play, and drink.

Personal values: Emotional well being, self-preservation.

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Gemini/Year of the Horse

How'd you find this site? I found out about this site through a friend.

Feb 19, 16 at 12:27pm

Name/age: Brian, 26

Location: Madison, Wi

Hair/eyes: titanium now, naturally blond / blue-gray

hobbies: gaming, bike riding, cooking, occasionally knit and paint

Music: rock, electronic, Americana/folk, dubstep

Occupation/study: Drafter

Height/weight: 6'/190

Anime's: too many

What you are looking for: new friends, different job, another cat and maybe a dog :P

Personal values: love, trust, honesty, will power

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Taurus/not sure/???

How'd you find this site? boredom

rosetea commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Feb 21, 16 at 3:22am

Name/age:Rose 18

Location:Long Island NY

Hair/eyes:Black and brown

hobbies: Writing, baking, studying history, drawing, making things, watching anime, etc.

Music: mostly anything

Occupation/study:Starbucks/Gamestop and Pastry Arts


Anime's:Sooooooooo many, romance, horror, yaoi, yuri, studio ghibli, slice of life, comedy, etc.

What you are looking for: Gender isnt an issue for me, mostly someone remotely in my area, someone patient and sweet, I'm not picky really, just as long as your not a blatant perv or a jerk i'm fine with you. I'm hoping for something more serious then just a few months.

Personal values: be yourself and the rest will come to you,

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Pieces/Panda/Ox

How'd you find this site? Just browsing the interweb

Feb 21, 16 at 10:08am

Name/age: Autumn, 14

Location: Ct, USA

Hair/eyes: Dirty Blonde/ light brown hair, blonde highlights in front, hazel/green/gold eyes

hobbies: Drawing, Playing piano, Browsing artwork, making friends, anime(omg really?!?) and acting..

Music: Rock/Alternative/Techno/Classical

Occupation/study: Art

Height/weight: 63 inches, 120 lbs.

Anime's: Black Butler, Your Lie In April, ToraDora, Free, Attack On Titan, Hetalia, ect.

What you are looking for: Bi/Gay/Straight male or female..

Personal values: Um..Bravery, Honesty, Compassion, Intellect..

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Sagittarius, Red Fox, Snake

How'd you find this site? I was looking up anime cha sites and the others were really bad so I joined here XD

Feb 23, 16 at 7:09am

Name/age: Stephanie / 22

Location: cali

Hair/eyes: blond / blueish

hobbies:video games, anime, exercise

Music:metal, grundge, punk



Anime's:Naruto, flcl, sakura trick, shoujo sect

What you are looking for:girlfriend

Personal values:ask

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal:dont really care....

How'd you find this site? google!

Kagi commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Feb 23, 16 at 5:49pm

Name/age: Kano 15

Location: London

Hair/eyes: Dark brown

hobbies: Drawing, gaming, spending most of my time on the Internet

Music: ONE OK ROCK, Utaites, Nico Nico Douga/Chorus, My First Story, J-Pop

Occupation/study: Currently a high school student, studying music and media

Height/weight: 5"1 and I don't know my weight

Anime's: There's so many aaaaagh
Comedy, ecchi, yaoi, romance, fantasy, adventure/action etc.

What you are looking for: Otaku friends that I can trust and talk to and/or something more than that ^^

Personal values: Shy at first, but sweet, funny and awkward at times.

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Libra, Dragon

How'd you find this site? I was looking for somewhere to look for otakus and found this website!

Sanfi commented on Gay/bi/les dating
Apr 18, 16 at 2:55pm

Name/age: Sander / 19

Location: A relatively big city in the Netherlands

Hair/eyes: Dark blonde / Blue-greyish

Hobies: Gaming, writing, cycling with music on, reading and watching all kinds of movies and series.

Music: I'm into all kinds of music, from classical music to pop to alternative rock etc.

Occupation/study: Psychology at a university

Height/weight: 6"2 / 174lb (probably)

Anime: My absolute favorite is probably Tokyo Ghoul, but I'm also a huge Mirai Nikki fan. There's not many anime series that I didn't enjoy, though.

What you are looking for: Fun, mostly. I came here to get over a break-up and get myself a new gf/bf, but I get the feeling that MO has a way of giving you what you need instead of what you came here for xD

Personal values: I believe very much in treating people fairly. Even if somebody did something bad to you in the past, doesn't mean you shouldn't help them in the present when something unfair happens to them. Also, I believe that expectations dissapoint people and that we should all just value whatever we have. You don't find happiness, it's already there, but people have difficulty with understanding what it is.

Horoscope/spirit animal/year animal: Lion

How'd you find this site? I was looking for a gf/bf after I broke up with my ex, which was a horrible ordeal, and I thought that if we'd share anime that would be a nice way to start ^^

(Also a little bit of extra information: I think this thread is good for people and it's a shame that it's been untouched for so long, so this is my brining it back to life ^^)

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