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So half dead site...


It's good to LOL.

And you are wrong about one thing Endless, I am like you after you were blinded by emotion. It definitely takes more than an emotional band-aid to patch up old wounds caused by bad relationships. Lucky for me, I can easily find other things to live for than somebody else's horrible version of love.


You are so right about that. Calling it someone else's "version of horrible love". I didn't need her or want her want her when I met her. She came after me relentlessly. I cannot understand why she did that. My sister read some of the conversations between her and I. She called her immature and told me to stay away from her. I never been hurt like that before so I realize I could act rash or make decisions blindly because of the emotional wound. I sought advice until I could get my barrings back. I have my senses back but the hurt has left considerable damage. Even my nervous system seems out of wack. I feel tired for some reason it took a lot to take that hit. I am doing my best to keep it together and return to normal. I have only begun to heal. But am optimistic so i keep pushing my self forward into tomorrow. I been keeping my self busy and I am going to anime Boston this April so I will distract my self and enjoy life to help heal. Talking to you all is part of the band aid as you call it fullmetal. It helps.


WOW that was very deep Fullmetal... I dont feel like I can let the pain go until I cant see him any more T.T IDK I just lost all interest in my life I dont even feel alive any more sigh I'm depressed


Try sticking around during election season

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