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Anyone into Touhou?

Apr 25, 20 at 12:56pm

I like the music, especially Tokyo Active NEETS' songs but the only game I've played is Luna Nights.

NecroFace Doll @necrofantasia commented on Anyone into Touhou?
NecroFace Doll @necrofantasia
Apr 25, 20 at 1:05pm

Hellloooo! I’m a Touhou person! XD


Touhou person although I'm pretty terrible at both bullet and side scrolling fighting games, which are the only official games.

Raime @allukax commented on Anyone into Touhou?
Raime @allukax
May 02, 20 at 5:30am
This account has been suspended.
May 02, 20 at 8:12am

Crino is strongest!!!


Shouldn't this be in the Video Game board?

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