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Share the last Japanese song you listened to!

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Yea I sent Some cash and Made a Tribute video myself but it got pulled from Youtube.. hehe silly CR claims it was with this song..


Haha, I made a spirited away amv with exactly that song.. Got muted..
As for my video, I did indeed use clips from that video though..
Anime aswell as some clips from known mv's..
I guess brilliant minds think alike ^^
Here's my tribute:

Tears of an angel, Felt like a fitting title at that point..

Last listened song: Yamai\\Akahitoha


yea Mine was with Pictures from the aftermath and of Japanese landmarks and news feed.

I've never been great at sentimental you do it well =) is a talent hehe mine always seem odd



personally I feel that AMV was way better than anyone I have made though xD
Way better actually.. You seem like a pro..
Only difference I notice, is the fact that your songs have more beat than that of mine..
Direct sad songs makes the effect stronger I guess.
Dunno, If its one of mine.. Then... Something like this:
Itazura na Kiss\\Already Over

Allthough, I hardly ever would think I'm any better than you at those..

Last Listened song: NEWS\\Sayaendou


Oh I do not ONLY do fast paced .. lemme show ya one of my viddies I am sending into SC AMV Contest..

Is One of my fav vids I have ever made...


OMG, That AMV was amazing.. I litterately have tears in my eyes..
Remembering the painful days when I watched Clannad..
Ushio, Nagisa <3
Yep, I'd say this is one of your better.. My fave from you til now ^^

Last Listened song: Mizuki Nana\\Blue Moon


Thanks.. yea clannad Always tears me up even though I know the en ding.. so hard to watch argh hehe


Puzzle - Round Table Featuring Nino.


Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai - BAAD
<BR>(I Want to Shout "I Love You")
Sekai ga Owaru made wa - WANDS
<BR>(Until the World comes to an End)


Owaranai Natsu Yasumi - Doco<BR>
(Never Ending Summer Vacation)
Cosmic Space Girl - Guitar Wolf
Sky Star Jet - Guitar Wolf

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