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Japanese Treats / Goodies


aahhhh i love japanese treats

if anyone in this thread hasn't already, google dagashi box and get one

umaibo are my favorite *^*

also ike green tea tastes like mud, idk why its so popular

as far as cooking iv made korroke's a few times, as well as potato mochi (though i didn't document that one as it was pretty meh)


Those look like burnt chicken nuggets


and its sass like that that is why your not gonna have one next time I bring them to class

Nov 29, 20 at 2:27pm

I think the best thing from Asia I ever tried were some Chinese rice crackers. These were special brand and they had sugar coating on one side and salt coating on the other. That makes for a very interesting taste combination.
Also, basically, any sweet containing matcha tea is great.

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