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I bought tickets to Japan!

Nov 29, 18 at 5:57pm

Bro, bring back lots of food pics. I love food porn. Please visit a 7-11 lol. While you're there, maybe see it's possible for a foreigner to be able to understand how to play the games at a pc cafe.

Nov 30, 18 at 3:27pm

OF COURSEEEE. I'll take some nice, raunchy photos of some raw, unedited sushi & other bomb foods for ya ;)

Gotta hit the konbini haha; my friend who taught in Japan for a year always talks about them every time we hit up a 7-11 here together.

I wonder what kind of games they'd have at the PC cafes. I went to some in the Philippines back in 2005 and pretty much everyone there played CS 1.6 and Ragnarok Online haha.

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