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Might go to Japan

Oct 14, 18 at 6:47pm

I'll be going over to Japan soon!
I'll be going for November 5 to the 14 but I'm trying to gather enough money for the trip. I'm so excited ^^

Oct 16, 18 at 10:37pm

Please be safe all of you and enjoy as much of Japan as necessary. ^_^

Wish me the best of luck visiting it, too.

Oct 17, 18 at 9:40am

No problem dude, I hope you have a fun time! I’m really eager to dip in the hot springs. O w O )/

Nov 01, 18 at 7:47pm

I hope you have lots of fun!!

Nov 09, 18 at 12:33pm

I'm actually trying to learn the Japanese language! and i really want to go to Japan in the next few years time :) Good luck with your travel to Japan, people over there will be friendly towards you and i'm sure they will help you :D

John commented on Might go to Japan
Nov 10, 18 at 2:31pm

You should go and have fun, those options are rare and you might never get a good deal like that before.

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