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Anybody Has Plans to Live in Japan in the Future?

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Sep 18, 17 at 11:33am
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i would love to live in japan its a beautiful country with amazing views and delicious foods although it might take sometime to move there ...

so for now staying during the summers will be a great start to see how the eviroment feels and the culture is...

my expections wont be high but for sure i will be excited for what japan holds for me and just maybe find someone special to share a laugh/smile with !


I'm not sure if I'd want to live there, it definitely is a place I would like to visit though, I'm thinking of joining the military, and I know it's possible to be stationed in Japan, so hey, you never know.

Sep 30, 17 at 8:08am

I don't think I would live there permanently but I would love a holiday home there or something like that


I'm planning on moving there after I get my bachelor's degree. Then I might attend grad school there or just get a job and a work visa.


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im currently working on being a manga artist

if all goes well in the next month i may be able to attend a 1 or 3 month course revolving learning the japanese language as well as manga drawing.

in the end, i do plan on moving to japan to further my career as a manga artist (when i reach that level)


How do you plan to accomplish it?
work my way up to afford enough funds and apply for my dream job
For how long do you plan to live there?
see where it takes me
What do you plan to work as?
animator, photographer and/maybe writer
What do you hope to occur while living there?
hope many things would surprise me but love to go to the Tokyo dome and watch wrestle kingdom


Would love to live there for a year just for the experience, not permanently but just long enough to truly enjoy it. Teaching english would most likely be the way I would go but from what I've heard you need a bachelor's degree to be able to work in Japan sooo im out :/

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