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Anybody Has Plans to Live in Japan in the Future?

How do you plan to accomplish it? For how long do you plan to live there? What do you plan to work as? What do you hope to occur while living there?
How do you plan to accomplish it? Graduated BS computer science, took JLPT N3,N2. took 基本情報試験(Fundamental engineer exam) For how long do you plan to live there? No plans of going elsewhere atm(been here 4 years) What do you plan to work as? Working as a system engineer What do you hope to occur while living there? All my hopes and dreams of the ideal and perfect Japan were crushed. But I'm still aiming to be naturalized here lol Sorry if my answer seems irrelevant. But I did dream of going to japan before I was actually here so I answered XD
I'll be living there for a year due to my university course. I'll be there during the Olympics so hopefully I'll have the money to go
I'd love to go a month every year or so but definitely not live in that fucking shithole. In a 1x1 apartment with a 23 and half hours a day job for an average pay.
Idk, I plan to go there during the olympics, and if I am able to find a job, then I'll just stay there. I have a friend who is their in HS, and will go to College their, and her mom found a job before quitting and leaving Japan, so I feel like the 2 of them could help me out with finding some job. A year or maybe less. I don't know, maybe English teacher? Just want to experience life in Japan.
How is the threat level there with NK? I plan to go there in the next 3 months. I am just worried about it. They just blew up a nuke 5 times stronger than the ones in WW2 in a test. 2 Nukes made anime i dont want to see what i third would due to an ignorant dictator.
i work in finance and am learning japanese with a friend who is from japan. So getting a job wont be impossible i hope. Id like to try living there at least a few years and see how i like it. As stated before in my how to get there section i work in finance so some kind of job in the finance industry. For hopes/dreams my expectations arent sky high. Finding a potential marriage partner would be nice, but thatd depend if i plan on staying long term. Otherwise I just want to enjoy spending time in a different country meeting new people and experiencing Japan first hand.
I'd love to live in Japan for 3 months
Well, I'm already working and saving up. The summer of 2019, I plan on going with 2 of my friends for our senior trip :) We're gonna have a great time! Whoever will be in Tokyo around that time, let me know and we can meet up :)
I don't think I wanna live there, but I am planning to visit it after graduation. Saving up the money just for the trip.
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