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is any1 else on here into LOLITA fashion ?

MaiOtaku Forums > Japan Discussion > is any1 else on here into LOLITA fashion ?

I find some aspects of Lolita fashion to be pretty interesting and neat. It's an interesting concept of the japanese pop adopting a western/ european style, and giving it a twist. (weird how people yell at white people for wearing kimono's, but never at the Japanese for wearing stuff like this lol?) I enjoy the design aspect a lot especially the more classical looking style. It reminds me of how my mom decorated the house when I was little, Victorian style dolls, and paintings of women in overwhelmingly elegant dresses.


I love really nice, fine, old Victorian-style clothing. Someone really looks good dressed in that style of clothing and styles like Goth-loli are a great modern equivalent of it.

n a e r i
Jan 10, 17 at 8:57pm

its so cute ive loved it for years- sadly i dont have the money to buy any of it ): and i doubt it would fit me (im super skinny but quite tall so it would all be too short and too tight in the shoulders rip)

Jan 17, 17 at 6:59pm

Looks cute on my avatar lmao


I love it so much ♡♡


If only i could show you my sketchbook for all things lolita. XD like would be such an understatement <3

Feb 17, 17 at 3:52pm

You could, you just don't feel like it.

Feb 17, 17 at 9:57pm

Did someone say Lolita fashion?
Sign me up. I tend to lean more for punk or sweet lolita.

Feb 27, 17 at 2:43am

when its done just right for the right person anyone woould look amazing in it

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