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Aging population

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mick3 commented on Aging population
Apr 24, 16 at 10:30am

@ Xynox good point to many reproducing can cause a problem, that why in my opinion I don't think Japan that screwed if Japan screwed I think every where will be because creating more people who don't get the right education won't help sort out the planet, because with more people were end up with more sicker people as there wont be access to food or water for there minds to develop.

mick3 commented on Aging population
May 30, 16 at 8:54am

Also I read an article on this subject of aging population in the comment section some one posted how small Japan actually is and how others see it negatively when actually Japan knows what their doing if Japan lucky to survive climate change and other stuff once it at a stable number they will re-populate at the moment they have over a 100 million plus people on a small stretch of Ireland it must cause an effect on society and their environment.

Loli-ButtCuddles commented on Aging population
May 31, 16 at 5:37pm
This account has been suspended.
Illuminous commented on Aging population
Oct 23, 16 at 2:09am

I don't know, all I would do is find a pretty Japanese girl and have 10 kids. And me and her tell the government to help support them xD

From my research they are overworked and it's expensive to live over there. Maybe back in the old days it was good to overwork for free and impresse your boss, but I'm not going to do that shit. I can't believe most Japanese people are still ok with it!! I heard they work their 8 hours and still work 8 more hours for free because their boss asked them. That's bull shit. My last boss was doing that to me and not trying to be racist but he was Asian as well. Fucking asking me to stay overtime almost all the damn time when it's supposed to be his damn job to fill in positions when someone calls in. He was a lazy worthless piece of shit. And not just Asians but I worked at sams before my second job and the sams manager was lazy as hell too. The sams manager would ask me to help people who were to damn slow to finish their unloading or stocking goods and the team was so disorganized it wasn't even funny, ugghhh I hated it. I can't stand lazy people whatsoever.

siruboo commented on Aging population
Oct 23, 16 at 10:54pm

they say people shouldn't live on the island because of all the radiation. all the Japanese can move over here and build a city with trains. they could build a high speed train from the west coast o the east coast

Beherit commented on Aging population
Oct 25, 16 at 1:54am

Incentives people, incentives are everything. Introduce a harsh tax on childless couples and then reduce the tax by say 20-25% per child and by the time you have 4 kids the tax goes away for that couple.

Apr 26, 17 at 2:14pm

Tax deduction only works if the Tax money gained is enough to actually pay for the upkeep of more kids.

20% of your annual income is still significantly cheaper than a child. Instead you'll get idiots making babies because they have no foresight and cost management. Then your next generation will be full of idiots that makes your economy plummet.

wgriffin commented on Aging population
Apr 26, 17 at 2:59pm

I read that its about the work ethic of Japan, with people expected to work huge hours which stops them from having time to date and stuff like that which obviously means that there would be a lower birth rate.

That said, having been in Japan last week, I saw lots of families and its not like the country is going extinct, there are still families and children, and it is such a small decrease that in reality theres not that much to talk about. Other than it being an interesting study of demography and other societies.

Kawa commented on Aging population
Apr 26, 17 at 10:10pm

So it's a mixed problem that they will most likely in to ways 1 is they change there social structure to exept more different types of people aka stop being so choosy and other social, political, and eco changes. Then theres op 2 which will happen in the near future where people just don't need kids and can get more from there age. So this is basically the human augmentation thing where they slow done aging and extend there life to work and play more with out the need for kids. The problem is that it gets harder to have healthy kids after your mid 30s. They go to school and work for a long time and they pick one thing and get good at it. A lot of girls want a rich guy and a lot of women also want good jobs or schools so they spend all there time being competitive. The market is so stressed that a lot of them try to learn English to come here for work and to have less of a tough time in japan. A relationship is not worth it to most if it does not help them take care of there family aka mom dad and any future family. You also need to remember that japan is small but it has a lot of little places that have very different types of people and a few of them don't get along and so they clash a lot. "your from here oh well see yeah buddy, oh hes from that part of town no way my daughter is going to date him. He/ she goes to that school? Nope not worth your time"

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