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What would you want to do if you went to Japan?

I think I'd love to go to a few shrines and get richer in the stories. I love Shinto mythology. Buddhist mythology is cool too but, for some reason, I just like Shinto mythology more. I would also really like to see at least one kabbuki play while I was there and see some other plays. I'd also see about maybe getting a few games or some manga so that i would always remember my trip there. I'd also love to go to a few bars, sushi restaurants, tea houses, and see if I could see some kendo lessons. Though, if I was able to go to Japan I might never want to leave and even see about looking into citizenship.
Sweat in a ryokan during HOT summer day and listen to cicada :D or just go to akihabara and take a picture with some cosplayers :D
i'd say.. get lost and takes lots of pictures. try to blend in with the locals.
Buy as many cheap discontinued figmas as I can with my puny American dollars, then cook up an elaborate way to smuggle them back home.
misskittehcat, I did just that and loved every moment of it. If you get the chance, I'd highly recommend it.
Going to Japan might become a reality for me pretty soon. I'm in the middle of interviewing with Aeon Eikaiwa to become an English Teacher for their private school. If this happens I am so going to accept the contract. Of course I will keep my hobbies and work as separated as possible. I don't need them to know they are interviewing an Otaku. With my off time and vacation time I will definitely explore Akihabara. Check out the night life of Tokyo and Yokohama. I would love to see tuners tearing it up on Wangan. I'm still not going to keep my hopes up though. If selected I will have to work on a "To do/Visit" itinerary.
1. Drop in on a few buddies of mine, including an artist friend. 2. Make a pilgrimage to Mt. Hiei. 3. Spend the night in a Zen temple. 4. Tour the various regular tokusatsu filming sights and pose in them. 5. Buy cheap Gunpla.
The only thing I know for 100% sure of what I want to do is go see a live Vocaloid Concert. Otherwise I have no clue, get lost and see the sights I guess, hopefully make a friend who lives there and can speak English to hang out with.
I would visit Edo wonderland. Also just once I'd try to eat lunch on a school roof.
I've been and it was fun. The top spots: Akihabara, Shibuya and Harajuku on Sundays.
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