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32 year old Male
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e_bon @e_bon left a comment for Rou
Jan 28, 16 at 3:22am
I appreciate your feedback in the forum about why people are single. A sincere approach. Since your status says taken can I assume you have had some success? Have you ever watched Densha Otokao?
sailor12 @sailor12 left a comment for Rou
Jul 25, 14 at 10:50pm
you sound like fun.I don`t watch anime as often but read manga.we should meet to sing karaoke.what is your favorite song?I have model before so like take picture.very competitive in my spare time i swim,tennis,hockey . work in a salon with my auntie.
Otaku Prince ♡ @otaku_prince left a comment for Rou
Jul 24, 14 at 1:21pm
Thank you for the reminder, I'll be more careful. ^-^;
Rou @roukuro commented on Otakon 2014?
Jul 22, 14 at 8:59am
Hey otaku prince I'm a former butler and here's a friendly reminder of a rule im pretty sure you know. You might wanna keep your presence here on the down low. You know the rule about not letting people track you down? specifically so that no unauthorized pictures get out? Its probably no big deal since this place is still relatively unknown but sephiroth himself (the site owner) was there last year handing out fliers for MaiOtaku so this year more people may join. Aside from that, Im going to otakon too as i said in the previous thread. Shadow message me beforehand to remind me to give you my number if you still want to hang.
Jul 11, 14 at 7:13am
You are rid of your enemies when you make peace with them. The point, kakashe, is that with all that training one would realize there isnt a point to fighting at all and a person who trains that much wouldn't care about such things. it certainly wouldn't bother them if in the hypothetical situation they'd be killed with a gun instantly. Someone who's trained enough would probably even think they deserve it should they be stupid enough to get into a situation where they would be shot. All of that training results in a mindset in which you'd never want to fight at all. THAT was the original point. After all the fighting the true warrior just wants to seek out harmony with their surroundings so that there wouldn't have to be any fighting anymore, ending all fights before they even begin. Winning at life. You seem to be concentrating on the unfairness and the wasted effort of learning. Look at it this way, its way harder to live life conflict free and in harmony, controlling oneself. Sure, because of today's whacked out society you don't get much recognition for living that way but its way harder than learning to use a sword. It takes years of trial and error to achieve the wisdom you'd need to avoid fights and respect the value of life. It takes much more skill to live in harmony with and take care of other human beings than to simply overpower them. Yu, Hirakuga , im glad you guys agree.
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