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What would you want to do if you went to Japan?

First thing I do is find out if there's a summer festival. If not then I'm headed straight to Kyoto tower and some all you can eat buffets.
I want to visit Hokkaido next time i go and see the Sapporo snow festival. There is some really good stuff on the AbroadJapan youtube channel that i need to check out as well.
Would love to stop by the KitKat Chocolatory.
Eat puffer fish and hopefully die
I´d definitely want to shop for cute fashion at Harajuku and also just have a look at all the funky street fashion that I love to look at on the internet (even did a presentation on Japanese street fashion once lol, I still have the cardboard paper from it haha, it´s a masterpiece). I also want to pratice speaking Japanese to Natives (well I can´t write, forget it, gotta learn too many other languages) and I need to go to all the places where there are cute animals, I also definitely need to see the cherry blossoms in spring and take unforgettably cute pics and of course I want to experience Japanese culture as much as possible. Also need to go to a manga cafe, a maid cafe... ahhhh. Too many things. Please give me more recs on what to do.
Yare yare. Change of subject. What would you want to do if you went to France?
Start a new French Revolution. All Jojo fans get executed on sight!
Ah, but it is the French JoJo fans that are rebelling. What is your next move? Call me a cringe weabuu? (que random JoJo theme)
Welcome to MO!
Sure you got the right thread? LOL kidding
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