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What would you want to do if you went to Japan?

Study the Culture and Language,and seeing Neko and Usagi Islands maybe study in the Country Side I'd definitely would love to go out in the country side in Japan and cities like.. Kyoto,Osaka,Tokyo, also would love to see Akiharbra and arcades too. Always was into Japanese culture along with South Korean.
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If I were to go to Japan I think I'd like to go to festival since they seem like a good time, eat some authentic Japanese food, do some sight seeing since the landscape seems pretty beautiful (when using Google images as a reference), visit Akihabara since I'm a huge tech nerd and check out the cherry blossoms in the springtime!
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As someone who HAS been to Tokyo and is dying to go back imma tell you right now that if you're planning on visiting you have to stay for 2 weeks MINIMUM to be able to see even a quarter of the things you plan on seeing unless you're going to just rush around the city nonstop every single day like a maniac. Tokyo is MASSIVE and there are things to see and do everywhere that you might not even expect or plan for (for example we ran into some sort of small neighborhood celebration one day and bought some fresh made noodles of some type from a guy manning a grill, then LITERALLY SAME DAY as we got back closer to our airbnb we see a massive street market/flea market for clothes and accessories right by where we were staying so we spent like 2 hours walking around and buying some threads). -Even Akiba is probably a bit bigger than you think with lots of backstreets, our airbnb was like a 10 minute walk from it (it was SUCH A GOOD DEAL TOO) so I went almost every day and there was always a store to check out that maybe I skipped or an arcade I didn't go to the day before. -If you want my advice on a good vacation itinerary my philosophy is to NEVER microplan your days. Before you even fly out, just divide how long you will be staying there by half and then plan that many like big things you really want to see and/or do and then the rest of that time I PROMISE you will be able to fill on your own by exploring and looking current goings-on up. That way you have both a lot of wiggle room in the schedule if you are just worn out and want to take a lazy day between things, if some bad weather rolls in that delays something you wanted to do, etc. -Also PLEASE don't be a logan paul and don't act like a jackass in public Japan isn't anime fantasy land everywhere you go there is very much a time and place for everything (like Akiba if you want to cosplay in public or fangirl/fanboy) -Pic of me at Pokemon Center DX
I fucking hate that this site doesn't display empty lines when I break up paragraphs PLEASE LET ME ACTUALLY WRITE SOMETHING THAT ISN'T A GIANT WALL OF TEXT WITH NO BREAKS FFS
@rokas15 vent thread https://maiotaku.com/topics/36917
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I'm from japan, born and raised here, still living here too so I wouldn't be able to answer that. Instead, I hope any of you who plan on visiting my motherland, that you all can have a wonderful time and explore our culture! Have a wonderful day everyone!
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