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To all figure Collectors

Oct 18, 12 at 11:41pm
Nice that is some collection. I always thought of going into the nendroid realm but considering that I started in the figma realm (Rin Tohsaka, Kirino, Kuroneko, Shimei Ryomou, Mirai Suenaga, Kurisu Makise and a few others) I always held back. I am jealous that you preordered the Kurisu white coat ver.
ferk yeah! a fellow danny choo worshipper :D?!? im gonna get her nendo and figma for x-mas and pose them with super sonicos figma and nendo XDDD since there both the only none anime nendo and figma XD (minus vocaloid, but i never really even count them....) and @wolf, that hurts my soul to hear TT_TT cant even imagin the pain of loosin so much like that....saw an article with japan after the earthquake, and those broken figures on the floor....
poor Japan...they lost so much
Oct 19, 12 at 7:17pm
Yeah I love following Danny Choo. He always have interesting articles to read and pictures to look at. :D More Nitro Plus merchandise yah!! Sadly Japan has lost so much but I am glad they are rebuilding.
lol XD meh i dont like nitro plus much anymore >3> they dont like gaijin and wanna make super sonico stuff japanese only >.<! idk how they cood partner with danny and yet not wanna spread the joy of japan, but least danny has aki in his corner XP idk what id do if good smile was japanese exclusive ^^
Oct 19, 12 at 8:00pm
Yeah true they have been pushing more for a Japanese market than an international one. I really hope that changes over time but as you said we have Aki that does support the international market. It would be nice if more companies were like that.
yeah, hey have u ever been on figure.fm?
Oct 19, 12 at 8:08pm
Yes, I am a member of figure.fm. :D
add meeee :D im Mojell :D!!!
Oct 19, 12 at 8:15pm
Just added you. :D
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