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Maid Cafes

Jul 10, 16 at 3:14am

I've been to 3 maid cafes. One was in the middle of the city and they had karaoke. Me and my friends had the place rocking singing anime openings lmao

The second one was the one my anime club put together. It was pretty cool, but the people in charge didn't have much experience doing it.

The third one was at a small con I went to. It was a place for people to wind down from the rest of the con.

Jul 15, 16 at 4:43am

I don't know if I'd go to one because it's not really my bag but I would love to work in one because I think I'd look good in a maid costume and I'm vain like that, lol. But also, I have a lot of theatre experience and I feel like I'd do a good job of achieving the "maid café" atmosphere. I almost auditioned for one at an anime con but I had other con obligations. Maybe someday!

Sour Peach @sailorghoul commented on Maid Cafes
Sour Peach @sailorghoul
Jul 15, 16 at 12:41pm

Go to one? Hell yeah! And then I would try to work at one haha

shawnji @shawnji commented on Maid Cafes
shawnji @shawnji
Jul 15, 16 at 7:55pm

I actually forgot, but I have a couple of friends from the US that worked at a maid cafe as a part time job while they were exchange students. Unfortunately I never really talked to them that much about it. I should shoot 'em a message and see what their thoughts on it are...

J @j_oxford commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 21, 16 at 3:48pm

I would probably be a regular, that and the FFXIV Eorzea Cafe.

Cero @cero commented on Maid Cafes
Jul 22, 16 at 11:47pm

I've been to 2 at some local anime conventions and they were ALWAYS fun though I guess they weren't real ones........ I guess

leostyle @leostyle commented on Maid Cafes
leostyle @leostyle
Jul 23, 16 at 7:44am

I would go to a maid cafe just to see what it's like. Could be fun :)

Danzoo @danzoo commented on Maid Cafes
Aug 03, 16 at 9:55am

I went to @home in akiba, was pretty funny. My non-anime friends cringed pretty hard there... Made it even more fun :) You get to take a polaroid picture with them while wearing a funny hat e.g. cat ears so its a pretty cool souvenir.

Aug 03, 16 at 10:17am

I went to one at a con with a friend once. It was fun, we played games with the maid and people at our table. Would go again if I can.


@Moon Goddess Cena

I bet you would be able to rock the maid outfit. Maybe a little bit too well.

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