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33 year old Female
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San Antonio, TX
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dandaman @dantheman06 left a comment for Cinnamoon
Sep 29, 16 at 11:36pm
Some guys were mixin up rumchata and fireball over the weekend and reminded me of ya just now. Oh i get it Cuz of "CINNAMOON Toast Crunch" ;o
hoodedfang @hoodedfang left a comment for Cinnamoon
Sep 13, 16 at 12:32pm
Welcome~ ^.^
hoodedfang @hoodedfang left a comment for Cinnamoon
Sep 13, 16 at 12:25pm
Alright. Still look great in the picture anyway. ^.^
I'm also hosting panels, apparently? Lol, the good folks at RealmsCon obviously had a stressful time planning this year because I only just found out a week ago. They'll be Con Etiquette, LGBTQ anime, and Battle of the Nerds, which is a trivia contest where we hand out free prizes!
Only one waifu? AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA UTENA <3 http://cdn.playbuzz.com/cdn/a646ad9e-93a9-4cf8-8b9d-3f96122d0440/7b7af608-8efc-4cb0-965a-f1de42ccf323.jpg Kashima-kun from Girl's Monthly Nozaki-kun https://myanimelist.net/images/characters/7/214383.jpg Lady Oscar http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/rose-of-versailles/images/d/da/LadyOscar27a.jpg Haruka/ Sailor Uranus http://viperdvman.tripod.com/haruka.jpg Lina Inverse from Slayers http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/scale_small/0/238/710317-lina_inverse_default.png
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