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ANIME character you want to MARRY with :D

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Jul 03, 17 at 11:36pm

Kyouko from Working. I can relate to the age thing all too much.

Jul 04, 17 at 2:14am

Worick Arcangelo from Gangsta or Kogoro Akechi from Trickster


Lisa Lisa <3 from JJBA Part 2

Jul 04, 17 at 2:49am


Jul 04, 17 at 2:49am


Jul 04, 17 at 2:51am


Jul 04, 17 at 2:58am

Sanji Vinsmoke (*^^*)

Jul 05, 17 at 11:27pm

best waifu

dragon husbando

all the misakas

food porn personified waifu

bad luck husbando

dolphin husbando

husbando who was clearly best guy but was blocked by tall dark and stereotypical

dark lord of moe waifu

monster husbando

did nothing wrong is a sinnamon roll gem waifu

sad yuri waifu

monster waifu

second monster waifu

third monster waifu

cooking husbando

painful husbando

sado/mas cat husbando

beast husbando

angry husbando

oddly sexy lizard husbando

best tsundere waifu

cocky rabbit husbando

dumbass husbando

ichi kaneki husbando

innocent husbando

protector husbando

"the dream" husbando

mystery husbando

king husbando

and last but definitely not least
best husbando

Jul 09, 17 at 2:33pm

Here's my top list

Best gamer girl waifu
They are the same person

Best Android waifu

Best Monster waifu

Best Psycho Waifu

Best Blonde Waifu

Best Death wish Waifu(We all know why)

Best Villain Waifu

Best Maid Waifu
Best vampire waifu

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