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We are entering a massive technological revolution

AI is a bit of misnomer. It’s not actually AI. It should really be called neural networks. AI art or AI anything just sounds better than neural network art. But I’m getting derailed. Now back to the topic at hand. To expand on some of the ideas that secretagentboi and yasshat said, then adding some of my thoughts. Since the dawn of civilization. Technological revolutions are always happening. From the invention of the wheel, to steam engines, to airplanes, to transistors, to computers, to the internet, now to AI. AI is nothing new. The AI revolution has been happening for years. But because of the speed of change. It just so happens that many people barely noticed AI. Technological revolutions grow exponentially, not linearly. Human beings are not very good at measuring or quantifying exponential growth. Like any new technology. Growth starts off very slow. Then growth accelerates very fast. AI is a tool. A tool can be used for good and bad things. But the tool itself is amoral. The tool maker is not evil. The tool maker has no control over how people use their tools. The tool maker is amoral. Oh no! People making AI’s are evil because some might use AI deepfake porn or whatever. Let’s expand this thinking. Are knife makers evil because some people use knives to kill people? Are gun makers evil because some people use guns to murder people? Are car makers evil because some nutjob could use a car to plow through a group of people? Are plane manufactures evil because a plane was used to bring down the twin towers on 9/11? Toolmakers have no control over how people use their tools. You can’t assign blame on toolmakers for the stupidity that people use their tools on. No, toolmakers are not evil. Just like any other toolmaker. AI developers are not evil. Don’t be silly. https://i.ani.me/0327/2911/grey.jpg Oh no! But artist will lose their jobs! Listen, with every single technological revolution. Some people lost their jobs. With the advent of cars. How many good jobs were lost in servicing the horse and buggy? Were car manufacturers the devil incarnate because they destroyed horse and buggy jobs? Something as simple as Email destroyed many good paper clerical jobs. Oh no! We shouldn’t innovate because some people might lose their jobs! Absolutely backwards thinking. On another note, as well. From a free market perspective. Miss me with all this woke liberal mindset that people are entitled to a job. People are not entitled to a job. No one is entitled to a job just for the mere fact that their human. If companies want art. Then companies should be able to go into the free market and get the cheapest best quality art. If that is AI art, then so be it. Artist are not entitled to get work just because a cheaper a more cost effective way to generate art was introduced. People either adapt or they get left behind. Life ain’t fair. It’s as simple as that.
Ill be glad when we can buy one that is implented into a robot servicing machine. Itll be nice to let it cook, shop and even work for me. I would love to not be enslaved by responability of a 9-5 and if I get enslaved by robots eh is what it is.
I saw a video earlier of someone doijg a deepfake of andrew tate they basically typed some words in an AI thing anf it spoke in andree tate's voice. With his weird accent and everything but he made sure to say a combination of words the real andrew tate wouldnt say
They are tools like anything else. It'll be a nuance of how it affects us. I am hoping to see more automation and advanced AI developed. I've seen what humanity can do so I welcome robot overlords.
Unami was talking about this, it's not about the picture, it's what you do with the picture. Then he was talking more, but I agree. There's a guy that makes music and he has makes ai art pics sometimes with his nice pc. It's ambient music, he might have cool pics or sometimes tell a story that is in the music. Unami tells a good story with his animation, ai can't do that.
Soon the age of the robot Waifu will be upon us. Oh glorious new age!
I'd never buy ai art. Well I have one poster that is geometry like, but not really ai.
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