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Political rants

Chicago is going to look even more like Mad Max world in 2023. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Fb8bsiaXoAEasa4.jpg
Threatening a public official so that means politicians too righr?
So we can cure aging but not cancer, clown world. https://youtu.be/DPARs7mL_7Q
Wik @wik commented on Political rants
Yesterday at 3:32am
There's another type of cell that would just continue living as long as its fed. Have you heard of HeLa's cell? They've had it for decades now, couldn't figure out how it keeps living.
I mean, I am not one to root for anglos, but whenever I see England and the US, I automatically think England is better because they at least have a monarch, even if it's just a figurehead.
about 15 hours ago
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