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Political rants

B R U H LMAO https://youtu.be/cTaI4e5twz0
May 19, 22 at 12:58am
Guess Biden’s Dementia is contagious.
I didn’t know whether to post this in the vent thread or here. Anyways I am hurt, angry/furious and sick of the stuff going on not just in the USA and around the world but especially in Shanghai, China. Their government (and anyone else accepting of that) is sick, twisted and cruel and if they don’t cut out that mess of starving people and taking away family members and CHILDREN putting them into camps, giving them a time limit to get food which won’t be achieved for half of them cause the lines are so long and doing God only knows what, I myself will start an uprising and I don’t care if I die for it! When one person decides to stand I know there will be someone else who does too, I’ll start an uprising and protest for the people because they aren’t doing it themselves so I will be their voice when they don’t have one themselves. This is also what the new world order I’m sure will be about too and what these people in American government are trying to adopt too. I am NOT standing for it and whether I get locked up or die for trying to stand for what’s right, then so be it! Never let fear stop you from doing what’s right, even if it’s the cost of your own life babies <3
May 25, 22 at 9:39pm
Stock market is crashing, world war 3 is about to start, but you guys wanna know the silver lining? I just got a cupon for 1 month solid of 2 dollar cold brews from dunkin donuts! Woo hoo!
@wei_ying Unfortunately the American people are not well represented by the American government. When people hear about things happening in China, the lockdowns or the Uyghur Muslims, I think it's fair to say most of us want something done. China's actions are inhumane, but our government are unwilling to over-reach. I'm disgusted by the things I've heard that happen in North Korea as well. Absolutely shocked that such things exist in this day of age. If North Korea was oil rich, this would have already been solved, sadly. I am shocked that NATO countries don't step in to do something.
@verucassault people being hurt, tormented, underfed and not cared for is what you get when tyrants and rich evil people that don’t care about anyone but themselves and money are in charge I guess. Idk why the American people haven’t taken down those people in office, I think we forget that in the end we are basically the bosses at the end of the day. If we decided we all wanna gather together and take people out ourselves we could do that, I understand It’s a scary thought cause “well what happens if I do that?” But so much more is at stake and I rather stand up for what’s right then sit back and watch evil unfold. I really wanna start some kind of group and slowly uprise against this evil tbh XD
Elon poll
@verucassault Yeah, unfortunately our elected officials usually turn out to be shills for the corporations and billionaires, so that's a poorly framed poll. XD
I agree. You should read the comments. Even Elon said fair point to someone else that mentioned something along those lines. But, TBH, I was posting this for the AOC troll. You know, humor, and such.
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