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Political rants

May 03, 21 at 6:54pm

Embasado e vermelhopilulado

May 04, 21 at 4:41pm

I found that funny, unnacurate, but satisfactory meme while browsing...

May 04, 21 at 4:42pm

Except Paraguay completely deserved the shit it got from us, despite being exaggerated.
The guys literally invaded us;

Argentina had a dictator. And the Bolivian Amazon was acquired fair and square, bilaterally;

And yeah, we made the Brits apologise to us, so what? WE. FUCKING. ROCK!

May 04, 21 at 4:43pm

Also. I defend Brazilian Imperialism.

It isn't as if the rest of this continent doesn't belong to us. Fucking losers...
It also isn't as if most of the territory Spain partitioned for themselves due to the Tordesilhas Treaty seceded into several different countries... most of which became shitholes. The only secession we had was Cisplati- I mean, Uruguay. ONLY THAT!

It seems someone is superior here, eh?

May 04, 21 at 5:15pm

Lemme see if I get it right. The brits wreck their ship in Rio Grande do Sul en route to Argentina. All 10 people on board were slain by looters and the commodities stolen. One year later, some brit marines get arrested for inciting fights and doing a mutiny in Rio. A British diplomat called William Doughal Christie demands for the firing of the cops who arrested the officers, their release, has the gall to say they were arrested together with "monkeys" and want compensation for their stolen goods.

Of course, Pedro II said no, so the motherfucking brits seized 5 of our ships because the motherfuckers blocked the Guanabara Bay. Okay, we paid for the stolen commodities, but we let the arrested officers' question be decided by none other than king Leopold I of Belgium (no, Leopold II was the guy who did a number in Congo). Leopold took our side and Queen Victoria had to make a formal apology letter to Pedro II.

True, brazilians politicians and some civilians were pretty pissed with the brits due to the Aberdeen Act, passed due to our senators' (and even by extension, the Emperor's) lack of initiative to curb slave trade. This was seen as an attack to our sovreignty.

Okay, we paid the idenization, released the officers, but the MOTHERFUCKING BRITS didn't accept to restitute the 5 ships they seized in the Guanabara Bay, so we severed all diplomacy with them for 5 years.

This was called the Christie Question.

And I have to see somebody saying it was OUR fault!? I bet my ass the motherfucker who did this is a salty Brit or Paraguayan Nationalist.


Derek chauvin better get his retrial, no BLM influence please we need jurors with a spine.


I want to see fair trials, we need our justice system to do their fucking job. Enough of this being pressured into finding him guilty. If he is gonna be guilty i want it under a fair trial. Not jurors after the fact going "i was too scared"


Also the left hitting this arizona audit hard af. They coming out saying a former republican was counting ballots. Reeeeally. Ok. They want this audit to end so bad. What do you have to hide? Like why is a recount so horrible? If you won then another recount means nothing.


So analysts are predicting hyper inflation to hit the market up 33% this year


Imma find a chart, i just wanna prove those dudes who said inflation isnt gonna happen

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