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Political rants

Apr 20, 21 at 6:25pm

bruh thats crazy, imma try that lmao


Apparently discord is having "issues" and several other group chats were temporarily disabled. But idk man discord didnt go down, just those chats.

Apr 20, 21 at 7:11pm


Its weird cuz i see alot of Anti-BLM conservative african americans...but i also see a shit ton of non-black dudes destroying shit in the name of BLM. Not to say there arent black people in the mix (they mainly do the looting, not really burning random properties to the ground)

Apr 20, 21 at 7:16pm

Yea, cucked whites are the worst. I feel the average white liberal feels they think they know whats best for minorities while just making shit worse.


I feel half the people woth these movements dont actually give a F about equality they just wanna be a apart of something bigger. There was a video posted of BLM kneeling over a dude shot after carjacking. Then they left when they found out he was white. So they automatically assumed he was black.

Apr 20, 21 at 7:20pm

For sure. And yea i heard about that lmao.. the movement is fucked.. its a mix of retards trying to be part of something, paid agitators, and maybe a small bit of people that actually care.


The top BLM officers remind me of those big name pastors. They preach oh how evil this thing is. Then theh benefit off of it. Buy these expensive homes and trips.


Watching timcast podcast and its funny seeing the comment section seeing this latina guest on and calking her hot over and over. But honestly the things they are speaking abour rn is right. Everyone who is conservative are the only people upholding the constitution. When the left says no more 2nd amendment, oh its ok to censor people we dont agree with, oh its ok to remove religion. Then you know its true.

Apr 21, 21 at 8:27am

Scary shit man.

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