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Political rants


Also jen psaki needs to shut up, hold putin responsible for navaly doing a self imposed hunger strike hmmm ok but Uighurs treated inhumanely without a choice and no one cares.


Canadians Morse code 'SOS' at US border as 'tyrannical' government cracks down on lockdowns, videos show



Isn't Canada supposed to be the good North American country? XD


Canada hasn't been the good North American country since ever. They only put up the illusion of being better by moral busybodies from the Trudeau administrations. Major portions of Canada is starting to look like Oregon. They are working on being like California, but they have to really work at it.


What is the USA supposed to do for the Canadians? That's rather unfortunate, I guess they shouldn't have registered their "assault rifles".

Apr 20, 21 at 3:10pm

Ah yes
Canada somewhat doing a form of martial law

All that s##t they always talked about

"WhY dOeS aNyOnE nEeD a GuN"


Why is the gun thing so important like why cant people just have things to themselves. Whether a gunbis registered to an owner or not doesnt help anyone. Are you gonna just suddenly gonna know this dude will shoot somewhere up because its registered to him? What about stolen guns cuz that is most commonly what criminals use. Smh best examples of tyrannical governments bro. Take away your means to fight whether that be in defense of or voting.


I think the best case of why people need weapons was defending their property from rioters. When you have places such as portland where 115 officers stepped down after protests and defunding who is helping these people? When they riot and burn shit down who is gonna be there to protect them? Where are the rioters in florida


Oh right stand ur ground law


Apparently you cant say "running over rioters" on discord no matter tha context. They deadass removed our group chat XD i was talking about an actual law and they yeeted our chat out of existence. Maybe it wasnt even that comment and us just talking about the chauvin trial. Who knows but all i know is i said that and then it got thanos'd

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