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Political rants

Feb 23, 21 at 10:01pm
is this a place for debating/arguing or just venting?
Its basically just political discussions. Not so much debating or venting. It leans no way, just talk about politics. American or nonamerican
Feb 23, 21 at 10:03pm
oh ok can you tell me what policies dems push that makes them pro big business?
Actually i might have used the wrong context i didnt mean it as big business. But more of lining the pockets of their friends.
@momoichi The southern strategy did not succeed as they had intended. It actually had to take the Dixiecrats to be outnumbered by the next generation before it would vote Republican which did not happen until 1994. You still have old union workers still vote blue no matter who even if the candidate is going to do things in total opposition to the unions. I really have to argue with you on the Democrat party being the party of welfare and people and not big business. I seriously have to ask you, who did multi-billion and even trillion dollar companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Google, Apple etc. donate to? The answer is the Democrat party. Was it because those companies are good people? I don't think so. The regulations and legislation that the Democrat party supports would obliterate any upstart company trying to make in in the sectors these giant companies control. People will not be able to open their own businesses with the high tax rates and regulations they have to obey. Those on top get to stay on top and nothing can come from below and take them out.
Feb 23, 21 at 10:11pm
dems help big business in a way that you should help them, after all those people employ a shit ton of other people but dems treat them fairly imo, where as republicans give them kick backs in hopes of lobbying positions when they retire (which is more just a fact if you look at the past of these corporate lobbiests, specially with the oil industry) so how do dems line the pockets of their friends in ways that republicans don't?
@momoichi dems help big business in a way. Think about how many places will be forced to close after the pandemic subsides and they are still recovering and bam...$15 minimum wage. You think many places can afford that? Unemployment lines too the moon fam
$15 an hour is a fucking luxary in todays world. I dont know many places offering that much. $18 and ur practically doing well enough for yourself. Let that sink in.
Feb 23, 21 at 10:17pm
@dyadka_yar which party is defending the confederacy to this day?? the 'party of lincoln?' union workers vote blue because dems care more about unions, aka the people, than republicans do. its a historical precedent. also amazon and the rest donated to both parties. they hedged there bets. Wallstreet donated to both as well, probz more to biden though because he was the more likely winner. jeff bazos donated to both trump AND bernies campaigne. theyr hedging their bets, that's all. look at trumps tax plan, it CUT CORPRATE TAXES, as well as income tax for the wealthy. how is that not pro big business?
Feb 23, 21 at 10:18pm
@hell_hound7 your saying dems help big business and then say that 15 dollar minimum wage will hurt businesses. your contradicting yourself. have you done any research on 15 dollar minimum wage?
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