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Political rants

Feb 23, 21 at 10:18pm
@hell_hound7 your saying dems help big business and then say that 15 dollar minimum wage will hurt businesses. your contradicting yourself. have you done any research on 15 dollar minimum wage?
Feb 23, 21 at 10:21pm
ok ill explain it to you the increase in minimum wage will be a small gradual incline so that businesses can adjust accordingly. the bigger businesses will be paying more initially than the small businesses because they can afford it when people are paid more they have more money to spend, which means the shops are making more meaning they have more to pay their employees so it balances out iv done research on this and the minimum wage stagnation is hurting small businesses, because companies that can pay more like amazon are poaching workers this will help small businesses earn more revenue so they can compete please actually look into this yourself
Feb 23, 21 at 10:24pm
on the same note this is why immigrants are good for the economy more bodies spending more money and more people needing work meaning more businesses can expend there are more Americans on welfare then immigrants as well, its just a racist lie that theyr a drain on our economy when immigration helps it
Feb 23, 21 at 10:25pm
its also one reason why japans economy and job offers are so bad, because they arent having as many kids and moving there ios hella strict, so they have less bodies working more jobs so businesses cant expand accordingly and make more jobs if japan was less isolationist it would benefit their economy
Feb 23, 21 at 10:26pm
@hell_hound7 have you researched this topic at all?
Anedotical evidence means shit. And fuck identity politics. This is not open for debate...
Feb 23, 21 at 10:31pm
im sorry but dont talk about something you only seen on fox news fox news also said that the green energy were the reason for the power outrages and that's just a provable lie
In the left nothings right and in the right there's nothing left. Launch the nukes!
Feb 23, 21 at 10:36pm
"Lamby having more money to spend wont equal to spending more on little business." this is literally how economies work, like idk how else to respond you don't even understand how economies work
Feb 23, 21 at 10:37pm
but, your right fundamentally, i have a short fuse and political talks really isn't compatible with my personality type xD ill dip, sorry for being condescending, its a flaw of mine for sure
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