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How do I get creepy older guys here to stop msging me???????


sure, honesty is the best.. im honest with people but shit, maybe people should just work on execution idk lol.. more often than not its off putting



Tell them you're a divorced, middle age Karen with a newborn baby and a 3-year-old toddler looking for a 6 foot tall Christian man with a career that can financially support the lofty dreams of you becoming the owner of your own hair salon.

Also, you won't date a man that still watches children cartoons even if it's in another language.

If they don't meet those requirements and they persist then ask to speak with their manager.


I know what you mean. I think as long as you are getting an invitation in its okay. Some guys beat around the bush and shit. Its cringe. Just tell the woman you want to meet up for a hookup. It works. Not always a no becomes a maybe if she likes the pic she sees then becomes a yes if you turn her on.


If pretending to be a Karen doesn't work, try saying you're actually with a scouting agency looking for the next host of "To Catch a Predator."


I roll with the best of them @shaggydaggy

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