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How do I get creepy older guys here to stop msging me???????


Same way I get creepy young kids to stop messaging me. Tell them to stop and that you are not interested.


I would just report them if they are sending genuinely creepy remarks. I find it to be a better way to send the message to not mess with you.


But (hot) creeps get all the pussy.


i mainly get people hitting on me and/or people asking me what my gender is lol.. not here to date (unless youre cute enough uwu)



I promise you hitting on women works. they are doing it right. its worse when a guy comes on here PRETENDING he doesnt want pussy


yea, dunno.. i find it weird that people come out the cut with that shit. like get to know me first lmao. I found this place when i was already in a relationship so i have other reasons to be here.


While I get it..

You miss every shot you dont take. If you ask 100 women for sex, some will go for it.


half this site doesnt even live within a reasonable distance to me tho lmao.


The guys dont know that.

Or at the very least things can be arranged. Nothing wrong with saying you want to have sex. Its creepy to keep pushing if you arent getting an invitation in. Would you rather talk to a guy who says he likes sex or a guy who acts nice but really wants sex?

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