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2020 US Presidential Election

Sep 27, 20 at 11:57am

Remember the magic wand


i remember obama bringing back an economy that a reoublican trashed

your meme means nothing when i have actual stats

lets also remember when trump said the 2 ebola deaths were obamas fault

but said he takesno responsibility for the covid deaths



Arguing with Lamby is like arguing with a Trump cultist. It's hopeless.


I feel ya alephy but lamby gets the point here ^^
Obama is a badass president


apologies my facts dont line up with your delusional reality~


This is funny especially the end.


wonder how the trumples will rationalized trumps failures as a businessman to still hold him as their flawless god emperor



I'm not a very political person, and I hate everything about election from what I've seen so far, but I believe I'm not allowed to bitch if I at least don't vote :3


it is true, you are not allowed to complain because not voting is passively voting for the winner

but i agree, fuck politics, it only makes me mad

but at the same time i have to pay attention to politics, because it affects my life and the lives of my compatriots

even if they do vote against their own interests, i will vote for who will help them

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