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Stock market addiction

Feb 14, 21 at 6:46pm

@reisenpai66 yeah, bitcoin miners are probably going to double. I wouldn't be surprised if bitcoin makes 100k this year or next.


New york stock market might move away from new york c:


Apparently it has to do with all the taxes being imposed in NY

Feb 14, 21 at 10:32pm

Yea, bitcoin is predicted to be 500k ATH before it stabilizes, so 100k in the next year or two is reasonable.. and ETH tends to follow BTC with 20% value, so ETH should reach 4 or 5k as well. Some people ive talked to are saying 10k this cycle. We'll see.. im more heavy into ETH anyways because higher return on investment


Seeing stuff like this reminds me I need to do more research before I invest in cryptocurrency....

Feb 16, 21 at 4:10pm

Tis The Dip

I'm going to get a tattoo on my dic that reads

"The Dip"

Feb 16, 21 at 5:00pm


Ceru, yeah, that basically sums up the feeling of 'waiting for a dip'. I bought a crypto miner stock at 2.30. Shot up 40% in one day. Thought, okay, next dip I'm going all in. Today at the end of the day, 4.75. Crypto market, the dip that never comes

Feb 16, 21 at 5:27pm

Tis the market

As the bumper sticker on a boomers
79' Honda Civic reads

"S##t Happens"

Feb 17, 21 at 9:57pm

@arc $RIOT and $MARA be like that.. by time i had extra funds, $RIOT shot up to $70 .. it might creep down again but not to my buy in price lol

Feb 18, 21 at 5:10pm

you never know how much renewable energy stock you really own until you get shafted one day

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