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Jan 20, 19 at 11:20am

well this is a debate thread so >w>....... 3 pages and none have been used for a proper debate xD

Jan 20, 19 at 11:24am

^You beat me to making that point xD

Excuse me, I'm gonna drop some memes in the "post sexy pics" thread and then ask why people are posting selfies...

Ed~ @yamadaed commented on debate
Jan 20, 19 at 11:35am
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Jan 20, 19 at 6:25pm

Ed, All Lives matter!


Brexit is happening, anyone for or against the UK leaving the European Union? Its a pretty big topic over here

Jan 22, 19 at 2:13pm

i dont know which side to be on, personally
my bf voted to leave, along with his family, because of the forced accepting immigrants (kek you think america has too many immigrants?)

but leaving has a big downside as well

i think maybe they should stay and negotiate things, but im not knowledgeable enough to have a date, but maybe a discussion

i do believe that the vote for was mostly old people, while the younger generation was for staying, and it sucks that the younger generation was being fucked by a generation thats fading out anyways

Jan 22, 19 at 2:25pm
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Jan 22, 19 at 2:30pm

idk about that direct democracy is better then indirect

i think false information and propaganda would be even worse than they are

i agree without our forefathers that the people just arent knowledgeable enough and are too swayed by false reporting and straight up propaganda

plus, the average citizen is too busy with work and their families to properly research a candidate (hence why parties were created, to make this more simple)

though i do think in bigger elections, like the presidency should be the peoples vote. funny, republicans prefer the current system because it always favors their party
im glad im from a swing state

Jan 22, 19 at 2:33pm

something i will say against it is things like Article 13 would have affected the uk if they stayed (it is currently affected them because they havent left yet)
its a stupid and corrupt article with horrible wording, i dont think england would have any real say in it affecting their citizens
plus freedom of speech in general in the EU is fucked, which wont be affecting the uk once they leave

Jan 22, 19 at 2:41pm
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