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Jan 19, 19 at 2:24pm

well, starting off im more versed on ethics than the nutrition side of things but i can still argue on that topic, just not my strong suit
but by the sounds of it it seems you already understand that eating animal meat is cruel, so is it the nutrition side your on the fence about?
if you know veganism is healthier more ethical way of life then theres nothing really to debate there

Jan 19, 19 at 2:26pm
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Jan 19, 19 at 2:27pm

are we going to debate, tebris, or are you shit posting xD?
keep in mind this is a debate thread, not a veganism thread

Jan 19, 19 at 2:28pm
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Honestly went to School to be a butcher, love meat im like the polar opposite of you in this subject.

Jan 19, 19 at 2:31pm

thats fine
this is a debate thread and you guys are shit posting >w>
i would like to formally debate someone, but have people post in here incoherently
ill debate ka-san first and then whoever comes after if i have won the debate


I cannot argue that there is nutritional benefits to eating Vegan but at the same point most of those are not really from eating Vegan its from a terrible American Diet that puts such a emphasis on Meat and infact nutritionally it is not healthier to be vegan but healthier to Eat LESS Meat. Eliminating it is not the key to health more eating it in smaller quantities.

Jan 19, 19 at 2:35pm

brass, after ka-san ill debate you, or if ka-san wants to wait i can debate you right now
i just wanna do things in an orderly manner, so things go smoother
i cant debate everyone at once
and again, im not 100% on the nutrient so i wont base my whole argument on nutrient, i want it to be ethics and maybe a side of nutrient
cant debate something im not 100% versed on

Jan 19, 19 at 2:37pm
This account has been suspended.

this is the kind of shit panda was talking about im sure
unnecessary shit like that

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